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~Hi, my name is Courtney. I was a full time college student, starting to be a dancer, and used to work with kids part time, living on my own until my illness disabled me.
~I became sick in 2005. I created this blog in the summer of 2006 to record my "headache" diary and to see if anyone finds it interesting.
~12/2006 I lost my job then after, failed a year of college.
~2/2007 Dx Lyme Disease with Bartonella: prescribed 8 months of oral antibiotics. I'm not even sure if I ever had the Lyme Disease.
~11/2007 The doctor took me off medicines while I was still improving but not fully recovered.
~6/2008 Dx Chiari I Malformation by a neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills.
~8/2008 Decompression and Lamenectomy helped 80% of my problems.
~2/2009 Dx Hypermobility by an Orthopedic Surgeon/School Doc: Started PT, dancing, going to school and working.
~6/2009 Started working full time as an Infant-Toddler teacher, which requires lifting. Dancing part time, maybe I'll finish school eventually...lol
~12/2009 Dx Chronic Sinusitis: Stopped dancing due to constant infections.
~2/2010 Sinus Surgery & complication: Severe Epistaxis: Became severely anemic.
~3/2010: Dx Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: by Geneticist
~4/2011: Switched jobs, now work at a Pre-K teacher for 3 and 4 year olds. Less lifting!
~5/2011: Started PT and exercising again

Friday, April 20, 2012

Badly due update

I suppose I should post an update. It's been almost 8 months!

Well the week before New Years I came down with another sinus infection. One night I had a terrible migraine, the kind that made me be in the fetal position but wanting to be near a toilet at the same time...

Not having a car and knowing not eat else, I called an ambulance to come get me.

Fire department came and as they helps me out to the ambulance I throw up all over the concrete walkway.

At the emergency room I informed the dr that I had taken the following medications over the weekend: tramadol, trazadone, celexa, immitrex, and excedrine. I explained I was worried about seretonin toxicity.

Nurse said she was rushed that night and sent an aide in to draw blood and insert IV. He did a horrible job and even walked out of the room while I had the band on my arm still.

They ordered me morphine and reglan. I told the nurse I was nervous and that I hate taking morphine. He said "what's gonna happen? You're in a hospital."

Heart rate went up to 150 and I started shaking uncontrollably. Both nurses came in and looks worried. One nurse said to me "you need to calm down."

They have me ativan and I ended up falling asleep. My mother came and later told me that the nurse informed her I had a mild seizure.

Can everyone now say "Seretonin Syndrome" and "Malpractice"? Ok good!

Needless to say I will never go back to that particular ER again. I threw out my trazadone and immitrex.

A week later I was in antibiotics and my worries took hold. A friend gave me a ride to the ER where the doc gave me a full checkup just to ease my mind. However after two rounds of amoxicillin I wound up again at urgent care begging for my usual: steroids and super strong antibiotics. Knocked the infection right out!

A couple of things I've found out since:
Peppermint oil is a godsend for migraines. I rub some on my temples and it eases the tension right away.
I have to take a quarter dose of tramadol now since the side effects are too strong for me. Which is totally fine as long as it works.
I recently had a dx of patellofemoral pain syndrome. (pain in the knee) which is obviously EDS related.

And lastly, after years of being the one in the family who has these odd diseases I've been getting family members inquiring about both Chiari and EDS. I guess I'm not a hypochondriac after all! :)
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