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~Hi, my name is Courtney. I was a full time college student, starting to be a dancer, and used to work with kids part time, living on my own until my illness disabled me.
~I became sick in 2005. I created this blog in the summer of 2006 to record my "headache" diary and to see if anyone finds it interesting.
~12/2006 I lost my job then after, failed a year of college.
~2/2007 Dx Lyme Disease with Bartonella: prescribed 8 months of oral antibiotics. I'm not even sure if I ever had the Lyme Disease.
~11/2007 The doctor took me off medicines while I was still improving but not fully recovered.
~6/2008 Dx Chiari I Malformation by a neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills.
~8/2008 Decompression and Lamenectomy helped 80% of my problems.
~2/2009 Dx Hypermobility by an Orthopedic Surgeon/School Doc: Started PT, dancing, going to school and working.
~6/2009 Started working full time as an Infant-Toddler teacher, which requires lifting. Dancing part time, maybe I'll finish school eventually...lol
~12/2009 Dx Chronic Sinusitis: Stopped dancing due to constant infections.
~2/2010 Sinus Surgery & complication: Severe Epistaxis: Became severely anemic.
~3/2010: Dx Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: by Geneticist
~4/2011: Switched jobs, now work at a Pre-K teacher for 3 and 4 year olds. Less lifting!
~5/2011: Started PT and exercising again

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

im sick again

so i'm sick, again, whats up with that? and more than sick, my head hurts i'm weak, sinus pressure, sneezing, coughing, i can walk around sometimes, and get this!!! Low temperature, you would think it would be high temp like a fever but its low, once it got to 95.6 degrees!!! now its fluxuating from about 96.5 to 97.2 degrees. so i should see the doctor tomorrow, maybe. thats scaring me. on top of everything else going on. and i had an in class essay today but didnt go because of this, and yesterday i had class and tomorrow night is my dance midterm and i probably wont go because of this and the teacher i work for is giving me a hard time for being gone this week. i was there yesterday for a few hours but i couldnt hold on. so i went home. i'm eating healthy, taking new vitamins with B and A and C and zinc and all that, so whats the deal? I'm seeing a chiropractor and he's finally straightening me out (literally!) so thats helping a great deal....i'm just tired of feeling like this, i always get sick, but when i see the doctor they say "well all your vitals look good so nothing is wrong...." then why do i still feel like crap and why do i get sick alot and when its a mild sickness why does it get in the way of every day life???? i'm tired of it. my temperature is usualy around 97.6 so that is my average. but hypothermia is 95.1 and i'm getting close to that one!!! geez. i hate this body i've been given, it may look nice but it really is driving me crazy, with all this hypoglycemia and possible thyroid problems....who can live like this?? i cant....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Letter to friend

i'm not feeling well so i'm home today. but my womens small group isnt having their social on friday so i'm gonna lead it okay?
I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he said i had scoliosis and a pinched nerve. so i'm going again tomorrow and friday and gonna get treated. i also went o the massage therapist and they said that my muscles were so bad that i needed to come in more otherwise i will wake up one day and not be able to move my neck at all. so that is why i feel like crap all the time, on top of hypoglycemia (which i just found out that the symptoms resemble stress symptoms.) and the reason why i feel like more crap every once in a while is because our bodies like to naturally get rid of toxins in our bodies. so its best to fast every once in a while to get rid of them faster and better. thats why the jews were always so healthy.
anyways, i'm sick again!!! geez it never stops with me.
i love you,
call me or not cuz im not up to phone stuff cuz of not feeling well...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

my health

honestly i think i might actually be really sick. much more than just the normal cold or something. please pray for me. i'm going to the doctor today. I called and asked them about a certain symptom i had today and they were like okay youre comming in today. i'll go around 3pm.
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